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How is my ID.me discount applied to my order?

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In order to apply for your exclusive ID.me discount, you need to verify your group status. The easiest way to Verify with ID.me is to visit one of our discount pages. Visit our Military discount, First Responder discount, Healthcare discount, or Teachers discount pages to get started.

Find the certified Verify with ID.me button to get started.

Verify with ID.me at Checkout

  1. From Your Cart, click Checkout
  2. On mobile, tap: "Have a discount code?", then click the dropdown labeled: "Medical, Military, Nurse, and Responder Discounts", below the Discount Code field
    Bear mattress checkout discount field
    On desktop, click the dropdown labeled: "Medical, Military, Nurse, Responder, and Teachers Discounts", below the Discount Code field
    Location of  ID.me discount verification for Bear Mattress checkout
  3. Click the "Verify with ID.me" button
  4. Select your group affiliation, Military community, First Responder, Nurse, or Medical Professional, to sign in or register with ID.me
  5. Once you sign in to ID.me, then you will be redirected BACK to Checkout on bearmattress.com with your single-use discount code applied to your order. For example: military-XXXXXXXXXXX
  6. If you don't have an ID.me account, you will need to register and verify your group status:

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How do I verify my ID.Me?

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