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Which mattress is best for my sleep position?

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Each mattress is comfortable in any sleep position, and is designed to offer superior cooling and pressure-point relief.

We have received verified customer feedback with some recommendations: 

For Side, Back, and Combo sleepers that love a firm yet soft feel, and a bit of bounce, we recommend either the  Elite Hybrid or the Star Hybrid. In addition to a pillow-top like feel, both mattresses come with cooling technology woven in the cover, plus Copper Gel comfort foam (in the Elite Hybrid) and Serene Gel comfort foam (in the Star Hybrid), which allows for a cool sleep through the night. This along with the superior edge support multiple layers built within to provide the feel of luxury. 

For Stomach and Back sleepers looking for a mattress that can cradle and contour to their body while also giving a firm feel, we recommend either the Pro Hybrid or Bear Original. Both mattresses provide a more contouring feel which helps the top memory foam layers conform to your body's curves. For sleepers that prefer something firm, but not too firm, these two are your best bet. 

Find the mattress that's right for you with our Mattress Sleep Quiz, or read more about Bear’s Universal Mattress Feel with our Firmness Guide.

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