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What is the process to file a claim under the Extend Protection Plan?

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Extend makes it easy to file a claim either through the call center or the online portal. Below are the steps the customer will go through to have furniture taken care of:

  • The customer provides a contract ID, email address, or another piece of identifying information to Extend
  • Extend entitles (validates) contract coverage by ensuring:
  1. The plan is active
  2. The date is between the Effective & Expiration Dates
  • The customer will then answer a few Adjudication questions
  • High-level troubleshooting steps are offered
  • If a servicer is required, Extend will dispatch a servicer to the customer’s location for furniture repair
  • Extend will be in constant communication with the customer to ensure services have been scheduled and completed
  • Customers can repair this device until the number of times and cost of the repair exceeds the retail price of the product.

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What is an Extend Protection Plan?

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