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Bed Bases

Can my partner and I move independently of each other on the Adjustable Flex Bed?

Yes. We offer a Split King setup, which is two Twin XL bases side-by-side. You and your partner can lay next to each other, but each sleeps in your favorite position. These separate units can also be…

Erika Lang
Updated 10 months ago by Erika Lang

How does the app work with my adjustable base?

It works just like a remote, only on your phone. Learn more at https://www.logicdata.net/silvermotionapp/. With the app you can: Operate the Adjustable Bed Frame using a smart device. Access addition…

Updated 10 months ago by Colleen

Is it possible to attach a headboard to the platform bed?

No headboard attachment is available at this time. If you would like a base that supports a headboard check out our Bear Frame.

Updated 1 year ago by Colleen

What is the weight capacity of the Bear Adjustable Flex Bed?

The robust light-weight aluminum frame offers a can support 750 lbs, evenly distributed.

Erika Lang
Updated 11 months ago by Erika Lang

What sleep positions are available using the Bear Adjustable Flex Bed?

The Bear Adjustable Flex Bed offers a flat/sleep position, head only incline, feet only incline, or zero-gravity (both head and feet incline). It can also be adjusted to any comfort level in between…

Updated 10 months ago by Steven
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