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Bed Bases

Can my partner and I move independently of each other on the Adjustable Flex Bed?

Yes. We offer a Split King setup, which is two Twin XL bases side-by-side. You and your partner can lay next to each other, but each sleeps in your favorite position. These separate units can also be…

Erika Lang
Updated 4 months ago by Erika Lang

How does the app work with my adjustable base?

It works just like a remote, only on your phone. Learn more at https://www.logicdata.net/silvermotionapp/. With the app you can: Operate the Adjustable Bed Frame using a smart device. Access addition…

Updated 4 months ago by Colleen

Is it possible to attach a headboard to the platform bed?

No headboard attachment is available at this time. If you would like a base that supports a headboard check out our Bear Frame.

Updated 9 months ago by Colleen

What is the weight capacity of the Bear Adjustable Flex Bed?

The robust light-weight aluminum frame offers a can support 750 lbs, evenly distributed.

Erika Lang
Updated 5 months ago by Erika Lang

What sleep positions are available using the Bear Adjustable Flex Bed?

The Bear Adjustable Flex Bed offers a flat/sleep position, head only incline, feet only incline, or zero-gravity (both head and feet incline). It can also be adjusted to any comfort level in between…

Updated 4 months ago by Steven
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