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Discounts and ID.me

Can I combine my military discount with any other offer?

The exclusive Military discount cannot be combined with any other promotional codes and cannot be applied to gift card purchases.

Updated 4 weeks ago by Meagan

Do I have to use ID.me to qualify for the discount?

Yes. All online orders, eligible for the Military discount, must be verified by using the Troop ID button, located at checkout.

Harry Wolansky
Updated 4 weeks ago by Harry Wolansky

Does Bear offer discounts for those who served the US Military/First Responders?

Yes, we support those who serve with discounts for active duty, veterans, military spouses, and families. We also support first responders, Firefighters, Police, and EMT through our partnership with…

Updated 4 weeks ago by Steven

Having issues using ID.me for your purchase?

If you're having issues connecting to ID.me from checkout, we recommend you reach out to their support for help. Our Friendly Support Team does not have access to ID.me's systems, so we are unable to…

Updated 2 months ago by Colleen

How do I verify my military service?

First, you will need to verify your service at help.id.me. There you can create your Troop ID which will be used to get your exclusive Bear deals.

Updated 2 months ago by Colleen

How is my military discount applied online?

Add the products you need to your cart and continue to checkout. Simply, click to open the "Exclusive Military Discount" bar and then click the red "Troop ID" button. Once your eligibility is confirm…

Updated 4 weeks ago by Meagan
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